Plenty of Fish Review

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Plenty of Fish is widely regarded as the largest free dating site in the world and they have over 45 million members throughout many different countries. The site was launched in 2003 and continues to grow at an incredible rate, with thousands of new sign ups every day. They claim over 1 million daily visits on average, so there is certainly plenty of activity on the site.

Despite being free, Plenty of Fish has all the features that you expect from a dating site and much more besides. Below we have provided an overview of what is on offer plus details of all the main features.



Everyone is welcome at Plenty of Fish, and the membership base is not only very large but also very diverse. There is a wide range of age groups, nationalities, religions and cultural backgrounds represented at this dating site; so no matter what your preferences there is a very good chance that you will meet exactly the kind of person you are looking for. The site is popular among singles looking to find love and a serious relationship, but also among people looking for casual dating and making new friends.

Plenty of Fish has a matching system that will identify other members that are likely to be compatible with you and also a search feature that allows you to find other members based on whatever your own particular preferences are. The most important functions can be used for free, along with several additional features, but you can choose to upgrade to a paid membership for some additional benefits.

There are also some negatives that should be mentioned, such as the fairly intrusive advertising and the unappealing design of the site. The customer support is also pretty poor. These points aside though, Plenty of Fish compares favorably to a lot of paid dating sites.

Functionality & Features

Before you can access any of the features at Plenty of Fish you must first go through the sign up process and complete your dating profile. Signing up is easy enough, with just a little bit of basic information required. You then need to provide some more details to fill out your profile, such as what kind of relationship you are after and what your interests are. You can also choose to add up to eight photos to your profile at this stage.

There is a bit more involved in the next step as you must complete a detailed personality test, which Plenty of Fish call the “Relationship Chemistry Predictor”. This contains a number of statements and you have to select whether you agree or disagree with them. Once you have completed the test, the results will be used to match with you other members of the site that are deemed to be suitable. You can then decide which of these matches you want to get in touch with using the built in private messaging feature.

You are not limited to communicating with just your matches though, as there is also a search feature which lets you carry out your own searches to highlight profiles that meet your own personal criteria. You can search based on any information that is contained in a profile, and make your searches as simple or as advanced as you like.

Another interesting feature is the “Relationship Needs Assessment”, which is an optional test you can take essentially based on what you are looking for in a potential partner. If you choose to complete the test, you will be provided with a personalized guide to help you find and communicate with your ideal partner.

A few other features are included, mostly ones that are designed to help with the interaction between members. For example, you can create a list of your favorite profiles and see if anyone has placed your profile on their favorite list. You can also send virtual gifts, such as roses, to other members and chat in real time with groups or individuals. It is also worth noting that there Plenty of Fish application for Android, iPhone and Windows mobile phones.

Paid Options

You can choose to upgrade to a paid membership at Plenty of Fish, and this gives you access to a few extras. Perhaps the biggest benefit of doing this is the removal of all the advertisements. You will also get access to the “Ultra Match” feature, which is a more advanced matchmaking system. Additionally, you will be able to see who has viewed your profile and whether any messages you have sent have been read or deleted.

Why We Recommend Plenty of Fish

The biggest reason we recommend Plenty of Fish is quite simply the fact that it works; there are lots of success stories from people who have used this dating site and met someone special. It might not be the most attractive looking dating site, or even the easiest to use, but the bottom line is that there are lots of active users and as such you stand a good chance of finding the kind of person you are looking for. This is, of course, ultimately the most important aspect of any dating site so we would advise anyone to give Plenty of Fish a go.