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    ( 4.0 ) is one of the leading dating sites for people looking for love and a serious relationship. It is not technically a free dating site, as you will need to pay to have access to all the features. We wanted to include it on though as it is free to sign up and view your potential matches, so you can try it out before spending any money. Please see below for more information on this dating site, details of what you can get for free and the advantages of taking a paid subscription.


How Works was developed by the team that created, but this dating site takes a unique approach to online dating. In fact, it is more of a matchmaking service than a dating site. At you are not able to search for other members based on your own preferences like you are at most sites, but instead you are provided with matches that are you are likely to be compatible with. Your matches are selected using a system that was designed by Dr. Helen Fisher.

Dr. Fisher is a renowned expert on human behavior and, specifically, what love and attraction. She has carried out extensive research into the various factors that cause people to be attracted to each other and fall in love. The matching system is essentially the result of that research, and it has proven to be very successful. The system works on the premise that meaningful relationships are built on the premise of compatibility and mutual attraction, and matches you with other members accordingly.

When you join you have to take a detailed personality test, and the answers that you give build your dating profile and allow the system to match you with other compatible members. The personality test will also determine which one of four broad personality types you are – builder, director, explorer or negotiator.

This is all based on Dr. Fisher’s studies, which conclude that your own personality type indicates what type of person you are likely to be attracted to and want to build a relationship with. Once you have received your matches at the site, you are then able to look through their profiles and decide which are of the most interest to you.

What You Get For Free

You can sign up at for free, and take the personality test. Your dating profile will be created based on your answers in the test and you will also receive a report that provides you with an insight into your own personality. The matching system will generate suitable matches for you, and you will be able to view those profiles and photos. You will also receive new matches on a regular basis. However, free membership only really gives you a taster as you will not be able to communicate with any of your matches. To do that, you must take a paid subscription.

Benefits of Paid Membership

If you do take a paid membership at then you will get full access to the site. There isn’t a particularly big range of features here, as the main focus is really on the matching system and getting in touch with your matches.

There are a number of ways to communicate which include private messaging, sending nudges and using Chemistry Starters, which are fun ice breakers you can use to initiate contact with someone. You will receive new personalized matches every day and will be able to see if anyone has viewed your profile and expressed an interest in getting to know you.

Is it Worth It?

Because you can sign up at and review your matches for free, you can determine for yourself whether it is worth it before deciding whether or not to pay for a membership. If you like the look of the matches you are provided with and want to take things further, then you can upgrade at that point. If you don’t find any of your matches particularly appealing, then you can remain as a free member and see what new matches come along or just leave the site.

Considering the quality of the service offered by, and their record of success, the membership costs are really quite reasonable, although not exactly cheap. A single month’s membership is $39.99, but if you pay for six months at a time this comes down to $20.99 per month. If you are reluctant to pay for a dating site, which is understandable given the amount of free dating sites, we would suggest it is still worth signing up as a free member just to get an idea of who you might be matched with.