There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea but Watch Out for the Catfish

Online dating poses a different set of circumstances from traditional dating options. The biggest concern of most people is that they are going to be lured in by someone who is too good to be true and turns out to be someone they are not. The term for this is called “catfish”.

The catfish is someone who creates online profiles with false information as a way to learn more or get closer to another person. Women are the catfish the majority of the time. They hope to lure a man that they are interested who is otherwise not interested in them, to them. These individuals are online predators and should be avoided. There are a few signs to watch out for.

Lack of Google-ability

If you have existed on this planet for even a few years then there is something that can be found about you through a search engine. If you search for a person by name and get no results then they are likely a fake person. You should be able to find a phone/address record, social media profile or picture of these individuals. If you find that you cannot, chances are that person should be avoided.

Limited Photographs

Pictures on your online profile and social media profile should be abundant and recent. People who are operating as online predators choose to steal pictures of real people and use them on their profile.

They will only have a handful of pictures available and likely not be willing to send you any pictures of themselves. They might even have an excuse like they do not have access to a camera. The truth is that cameras are abundant today on our mobile devices, laptops and tablets. There is no reason why someone shouldn’t be able to show you a picture of themselves.

Excuses to Meet or Not Talk on the Phone

In order to keep up the rouge, a catfish will never be able to make a date to meet in person or even talk on the phone. They do not want you to have access to their phone number or recognize their voice.

To keep the plan going they will usually make plans with you and cancel at the last minute stating some sort of emergency. You may think that this person has the worst luck ever when they are really just avoiding you. You will also find that a catfish will try to make plans or be available to you at times when she knows that you are not available.

What to Do

If you think that someone you are chatting with online is a potential predator then you should report it. The dating site will remove the profile and look into the person’s actions further. If you find that you are the person being copied – like I once did – then you should notify the authorities and the dating site and try to collect as much information as possible to press charges. Representing yourself online as someone else is a crime in most states.