4 Tips to Prioritize Communication In Your Relationship

Communication is an essential part of any successful relationship. When you first start dating someone, this should be a priority for you. Chances are you communicate often when the relationship starts but as the weeks and months go on, you become disconnected. You and your partner are caught up in the business of day to day life and may miss the little hints that your relationship is not operating as smoothly as it once was.

Keeping the lines of communication open is important. Here are four tips to making good communication a priority in your relationship.

Ask About Her Day

Men generally like to communicate less often than women do. What men fail to see is that a woman needs her to communicate with her. Some women want to hear from you more often than others. Personally, I think a few times throughout the day is just right. By asking about her day and responding to how she feels about her day, you are showing that you care. This small task only takes a few minutes from your day and makes her feel like she is important to you even when you are apart.

Schedule Weekly Couple Time

Even if you are living together, it can be difficult to plan couple time where it is just the two of you without interruption. We get caught up in the ringing of our phones, activity on social media and the chatter on the television and forget that we are actually trying to spend time together. Make it a point to set a date night for each week where both of you can simply let go and focus on each other.

You might have to work around each other’s schedules and have your dates at odd hours, but if that is what is necessary to make your relationship work, then do it. Quality time, even if it is only once per week, can keep you both satisfied in a relationship and give you a specific time to talk about things, together.

Have a Monthly Heart to Heart

Listen, I know men do not like to talk about their feelings that often but for women, it’s essential. Take time each month to assess your relationship and make sure that both of you are getting what you need out of it. This is a time for both of you to bring up any issues in your relationship that are impacting your overall happiness. By communicating, you will alleviate unnecessary tension and actively work to maintain your relationship.

Yearly Future Planning

You may not know where your relationship is headed but that does not mean you should not plan for what is to come. After several months of dating, you should have an idea of what you want with this person moving forward.

On a yearly or even semi-yearly basis, you should take the time to discuss the next step in your relationship. Are you ready to move in with each other? Is it time to start attending family functions together? Are children or marriage in the future? This is the time when you discuss these topics to keep your goals on point and your relationship running smoothly.