Dating and the Single Parent: 4 Places to Meet Someone New

For many single parents, dating is a thing of the future. It is far too costly and time consuming to pay for a babysitter and go on a date with someone who might not even be worth your time. The biggest struggle for younger single parents is meeting someone who will understand what they are going through and their needs on a personal level. If you think it is impossible to find love then consider checking these places for your next date.

The Playground

On a nice, beautiful day, most parents are bringing their children to the playground at the local park. Here you will meet other parents and help your child cultivate new friendships while possibly developing some new relationships of your own.

At the playground you will have easy access to peruse the variety of people that take advantage of the park setting from single men working out or running to single parents monitoring their children in the sand pit. This is a great opportunity to break out the “do you come here often?” line and see who bites.

The Supermarket

Unless you are wealthy enough to have your food delivered right to your door, you are going to go to the supermarket. You know who else goes to the supermarket? Single men. The supermarket makes the perfect place for you to strike up a conversation. Consider sharing a tidbit on your favorite produce or asking a question about meat at the deli station. You can even make a comment about the length of the checkout line and strike up a conversation that way.

The School

Public and private schools alike require parents to attend a variety of functions. Over the course of one school year you could attend everything from a variety of sporting events to awards ceremonies to parent-teacher meetings. Chances are that you will run into the same parents during these events.

As a single parent, this is one of the best ways to meet someone new. You both can discuss your love of a particular teacher or your dislike of a certain school policy. Either way, you know you will have something to talk about right out of the gate which makes getting to that next conversation that much easier.

The Gym

For many single parents, the only time you get to yourselves is when you are working out at your favorite gym or fitness class. Many fitness centers today offer daycare which makes it easier for you to squeeze in a workout on your time without having to worry about childcare.

Stepping up next to a pretty woman on the treadmill is one way to start up a conversation and potentially turn it into more. If you see someone regularly at the gym then you can keep chatting until you are ready to ask her out on a date – officially.