Master First Date Conversation with These 3 Topics

First dates can be pretty nerve wracking. While sitting across from someone who you find genuinely interesting, you might be at a loss for words. This often happens when you meet someone online where you have had great conversation without being face to face. Once you are staring each other in the eyes, the doubts start to fill your mind and you forget anything you wanted to talk about. When this happens to you, give these topics a try.

If You Could Go Anywhere…

If you are like me then you have a drawer full of vacations planned that you have never taken and probably never will – but desperately want to. Nothing breaks the silence like starting a conversation about the place you would like to travel to.

In fact, on a date recently with an online match I asked this question and he said Costa Rica was on the top of his list. It’s on the top of mine too! Having done a significant amount of research on the location, I was able to share my expertise while our conversation about a life or vacation in Costa Rica filled the awkward silence we had been experiencing.

Who Influenced Your Life?

Have you ever wondered what makes a person who they are today? Whether we realize it or not, the people in our lives and those we look to as mentors are a driving influence in our lives. This is another great conversation topic because it helps you see what the other person sees as their stronger traits.

For example, if someone asked me who has most influenced my life, I say my mom. At first this seems like a standard answer but my mom influenced my life by showing me the person I did not want to be. On her second marriage and five kids by the time she was 23, my mom was the picture of someone in “survival mode”. I admire the person that she has been but I have diligently worked over the years to make sure that I don’t miss out on my future children’s lives because I have to work two jobs and go to school full time just to survive.

What's the Funniest Thing To Ever Happen to You?

We all have similar stories from our youth of things that have happened to us. One story that I love to tell are when I went to Las Vegas when I was 21. My friend and I arrived very late due to our plane being delayed. Our luggage was lost. And we were lost inside our hotel community for an hour when we really wanted food. We ended up climbing this 8-foot wall, falling over the other side and walking around Vegas barefoot.

In retrospect, the barefoot was probably not the greatest idea. But, we had so much fun and survived the nine days with many great stories to tell. When I tell this story to new dates, they have either been to Las Vegas with their own story to tell or have wished that they had been. Either way, it creates another on-going conversation for both of us to enjoy.