Make Your Dating Profile Rock in 4 Easy Steps

Your online dating profile is the first impression that potential matches will have of you. Just like when you meet someone in person, you have to facilitate the exchange of information between you and them online to help them see what a catch you are. There are several components to a great online profile. If you put in the effort to make yours unique from the “competition” then you will stand out in a good way.

Create a Crafty Headline

When a woman sees a headline that says “Instagram: name here” or “Headlines are stupid” then she realizes that you are not all that invested in your online profile. Your headline should be a quip that highights who you are. For example, my online dating profile says “Country New York Girl in a Southern World”.

Another great headline I saw read “Looking for Mrs. Right not Mrs. Right Now”. From this users headline I could tell that he is no longer interested in random hookups or casual dating. His profile is more appealing to me than the one with the headline “Does this even work?”.

Take a Killer Profile Picture

The next thing that a user will see on your profile is your picture. You want to be sure that you are giving them the best version of yourself. Be sure that your picture has you facing forward and preferably smiling. According to, these are the pictures that get the most response.

Next you will want to use a little creative editing to give your picture better lighting. You should never edit your picture so that it does not look like you. But by utilizing different color effects on your phone you can make the picture more appealing.

For example, my bio picture was a good picture anyways – I mean look at my awesome curls – but once I applied a filter to it on my phone that focused in on my face and darkened my hair just a bit, it became a WOW picture that gets a lot of positive response.

Put in the Profile Effort

Putting the effort into writing a profile is what tells other users that you are serious about finding love with online dating. You do not need to be excessively long or wordy. Instead, aim to write at least two paragraph (3-4 sentences each) about yourself. Focus on the things that you enjoy, the type of person you are, what you do for fun and what you are looking for in a relationship. Essentially, this will give potential mates all of the information they would want to know about you before getting to know you more.

Communicate With Others

Putting your profile up and then expecting people to magically find you is the equivalent of starting a business and expecting to be successful without any marketing. Dating sites have many different ways for you to interact with other people. Start by going through your suggested matches and reading profiles that interest you.

Next you will want to message, poke or wink at these people if they appeal to you. You may also want to take the more passive approach and simply swipe through the mates that you are interested in meeting and marking them as your favorite. If they want to meet you as well, they will message you. Once the communication starts, be sure to keep it going unless you are not feeling like that relationship will ever take off. Online communication is just as important as offline communication if you expect your relationship to be successful.