Ladies: Feel First Date Confident in 4 Easy Steps

After weeding through the users on your favorite online dating site, having a few meaningful conversations that went nowhere and battling off more poor matches than you ever imagined, you have decided to go on a first date with one special guy. You are nervous thinking he will not live up to his online potential and that he will not like you for some reason.

Confidence is the sexiest quality to a man. If you are struggling to feel confident on your first date, then try these four easy steps.

Pamper Yourself

Few things feel as awesome as pampering yourself. You do not have to spend big money going to a spa when you can do it all right in the comfort of your own home. Give yourself a full body scrub with coconut oil and sea salt, apply some self-tanner to bronze your skin and finish off with some deep moisturizing lotion for silky smooth skin he will want to touch.

Next, give yourself a quick manicure and pedicure by trimming your nails and applying a clear coat of polish if you do not want to wear color. Giving yourself that little extra attention is just want you need to feel good.

Wear Something that Accentuates Your Assets

If you think you look good in what you are wearing then you will feel good. Accentuate your assets and dress for your body type to achieve this. If you are struggling with what to wear, consider checking out the latest fashion trends online and see what works for your body type.

For example, I have larger breasts and we know that many men love that about a woman. I make it a point to wear low cut dresses and tops with a good fitting bra to show off the ladies and hopefully distract him from the little extra arm jiggle that bothers me.

Keep the Makeup Simple

One thing that I have learned is that when you doll yourself up then you spend the entire evening worrying about your makeup. You want to take multiple trips to the bathroom to fix your hair or your lipstick. All of this is distracting to both you and your date. Studies have shown that men prefer the natural look of women. Keep your makeup simply by accentuating either your eyes or your lips – but not both. Skip the bright colors and extra makeup and opt for a little blush, mascara, and lightly tinted lip balm to pull together your look.

Double Check Your Scent

Several weeks ago I was getting ready for a date when I realized that I had run out of deodorant. I did not have time to go and get more before he was going to show up. Even worse, the restaurant air conditioning was not working at full force so I could feel myself getting a little sweaty. I spent the whole night worrying about whether or not I smelled.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you always have a backup deodorant. Just kidding, before you leave – double check that your breath is fresh and you have put on some deodorant or a little perfume to keep you smelling extra delicious on your date.