Is It Time to Call it Quits with Online Dating?

There comes a point when online dating feels like work. You sit at your computer wondering why you aren’t finding the soulmate that the television ads talked about it. Your hope for love starts to dissipate and you begin to wonder if you should simply call it quits.

This is fairly common for anyone who has spent a reasonable amount of their time invested in internet dating. While it is still the leading platform for meeting new people, sometimes you just need a break. Here are four signs that it is time for you to take a break.

  1. You Have Lost All Hope in Love – A lot of people start online dating thinking that they will find someone special by the deadline they have in their head. Unfortunately, the entire process is less of a sprint to the finish and more of a marathon across the country. Because you are likely dating more, it is easy to become discouraged faster. A little time away from the dating world will help you recharge your spirits.
  2. You Waste Time Online – Dating sites have a lot of neat features to help make your dating efforts a little easier. One of these features is the mobile app which puts dating in the palm of your hand – wherever you are. When you start investing too much of your time in your dating life then it begins to feel like work. You essentially spend every free minute trying to see who is new and making contact with other users. Separate yourself from your computer or mobile device for a few weeks – potential matches will still be there when you come back.
  3. Too Many Accounts – The idea of having a profile on multiple dating sites is realistic if you are looking to broaden your potential dating pool. But with each site comes an annoying amount of text and email messages. Keeping up with them all can be difficult and ultimately suck up your time from other, more important tasks. If you feel a burn out coming on as you try to get the most out of your dating life then it is time to take step back.
  4. You Think There are No More Fish in the Sea – There will always be plenty more fish in the sea. The likelihood of you spending your life alone is slim. While online dating presents us with a way to meet new people, it does not mean that we won’t weed out a variety of potential matches before ever going on a date.

From my own experience, there are many 5 men out of every 100 that are listed for me that I am actually interested in dating. With those kind of odds, reviewing matches can be exhausting and make you think that you are never going to find someone.

Like all good things, sometimes you need to take a step back to appreciate them again. Online dating allows you to meet more people at one time but is not designed to make the dating process any faster. Take a break so you can reassess your purpose with the dating site and take a fresh look at it. You will find that there have been potential matches there all along, you were just too busy to notice.