Advice for Dating and Relationships

The dating industry is a 40-billion dollar market that has experienced substantial growth in the last decade. Whether we are talking about the millions of viewers who watch shows like Millionaire Matchmaker or The Bachelor each year or the millions of copies sold of top relationship books, one thing is for sure – love is in the air.

The online dating market alone continues to experience a minimum of 30% growth each year as more and more people jump on board with the modern ways of finding love. Of course finding that special someone online is part of the equation, relationships require real effort to keep them alive and that is where we step in.

Dating as We Know It, Has Changed

Once upon a time there was this tactic called courting. This is when a man would woo a woman so that she would decide to go out with him. Today, courting takes place as buying a drink at a bar and a few hours later two people are heading home together. At a time when singles are aiming to rebrand themselves and show more self-respect, they are demanding more from a relationship than fast-paced half-hearted romance.

We are seeing chivalry and courting make a comeback in a huge way. More couples are fighting against separation by seeking out help when their relationship gets tough. And matchmakers, relationship experts and authors are seeing a surge in their popularity as couples look for a way to keep the romance and attraction alive in a world where everyone is over-stressed, over-worked, under-paid and under-appreciated.

Dating Advice for the Modern Couple

Some dating advice is applicable through the decades but today’s couples face a unique set of circumstances. From understanding how to be successful with online dating to learning how to handle dating as a senior, we’ve got you covered. Dating advice for the modern couple should be focused on the challenges that we face on a day to day basis. Terms like “catfish” and “cougar” were not mainstream before the turn of the century.

Society as a whole is embracing the changing world of love and relationships but there are still many questions that singles and couples struggle to answer. We are with you every step of the way from giving you tips on finding love to helping you plan the perfect anniversary date with your significant other. Our advice covers the topics you care about such as how to handle dating as a single parent and what to do when your relationship is hit with an ultimatum.

Expert Advice Without the Price

The free advice from your friends and family is often unsolicited and lacks any real proof of its accuracy. Relationships come down to the psychology of the way two people interact with each other. This realization and the plethora of published materials has made it easy for anyone to learn what they need to know about maintaining a successful relationship. Chances are that you do not want to spend thousands of dollars reading every book or meeting with a relationship expert. Instead, find the answers you are looking for here.

Your one and only is waiting for you. If you are ready to take the next step in finding or maintaining love, then check out our library of articles and learn more about the modern approach to dating – online and offline.